Fractional COO Services

Fractional Chief Operating Officer (COO) Services

Construction companies need strong operational leadership at the top of the organization to ensure that the project cycle is managed from start to finish and to guide their overall operating strategy. Efficient business administration, successful completion of projects, and managing growth are only a few of the tasks that construction companies need to master to successfully operate their businesses and meet the needs of their customers.

A COO will generally be responsible for three areas of a company’s success: 

Daily Operations

A COO will oversee many of the daily responsibilities of running a company and seeing that the company is managed well and that all key performance indicators (KPIs) are being met. They will oversee Project Managers, Estimators, and Sales teams to ensure that all areas of the business are operating at the highest level of profitability and efficiency.

Project Execution

A COO has overall responsibility for the construction project cycle: estimating, bidding, scheduling, budgeting, forecasting, and closing out. They implement industry best practices so that every project is delivered within the contracted scope and is completed as part of a predictable and stable process that can be replicated across the company.

Business Strategy

A COO has the experience to build and implement an operational strategy that will move the company forward. He or she will provide the leadership, management, and foresight required to secure proper levels of operational and human resources that will effectively grow the company; and if not, will act to put those measures and resources in place.

Do You Need A COO?

A talented COO can make all the difference to the long-term success of your construction business. A fractional COO can do the same thing, while giving your company the opportunity to leverage the expertise of an executive-level individual without incurring the costs or overhead associated with a full-time employee.

Your company may require a fractional COO for any of the following reasons:

  • To oversee daily responsibilities of an active project that is outside of your company’s current capacity or a specialized project that requires an additional level of operational expertise.
  • To review all current operational processes and controls for deficiencies and align them with corporate goals and objectives.
  • To evaluate current operational team members who may need additional structure and training to fully maximize the objectives of the organization 
  • To collaborate with management or ownership on 5- or 10-year corporate growth plans; to assess existing growth strategies that have stalled or have lacked implementation measures.

A fractional Chief Operational Officer provides operational, administrative, and strategic expertise to your construction company on a part-time, subscription, or short-term contract basis. Ascent Consulting is here to provide fractional COO services when your company is ready for additional operational expertise but isn’t yet ready for a full-time COO.

Could you benefit from the advice of a construction business expert? In our 30-minute call, you will get recommendations for immediate adjustments that will improve the performance and profitability of YOUR construction company.

Aimee Collier

Project Coordinator

Aimee joins Ascent as a Project Coordinator supporting our Senior and Procore Consultants. With construction industry experience both in-field and back-of-house (ranging from project site coordination to contract management to software administration), she brings a holistic perspective of the day-to-day challenges faced by our clients. Her varied professional roles include software implementation and training, technical content creation and design, and coordinating across teams to bring projects to successful completion. She is excited to direct her passion for people and processes toward our customers.