Estimating & Preconstruction

Your ability to accurately predict the cost of a project is paramount to the success of your business. A good estimate is the first indicator of a successful project. Ascent helps our clients to develop customized, repeatable & predictable processes to accurately estimate and assemble a project budget that can be transitioned to the field for cost tracking and reporting during construction.

Construction Cost Estimating

Some view the Preconstruction phase of a project as the period of time after the project is awarded until mobilization. Others see Preconstruction as the period of time encompassing the identification of an opportunity and the decision to pursue it all the way through submission of a proposal/bid and breaking ground. Whichever way you see it, planning for success is the key to winning profitable work. We help our clients design effective processes to identify high-value opportunities, develop strong proposals, and hand off to Operations once the project is won.


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