We are Procore ® Certified Consultants.

Procore is an all-in-one construction software solution that connects applications, devices, and users on one central platform. With an unlimited user model, and world-class support, Procore encourages collaboration so that all relevant parties can be involved in a project, without being penalized with hidden fees. Real-time data and insights provide comprehensive visibility into all aspects of a project, minimizing risk, and facilitating accurate projections.
By delivering best-in-class products for Project Management, Quality & Safety, Construction Financials, and Field Productivity, and the ability to integrate with leading third-party applications, Procore helps firms around the world save time and money while gaining project control and visibility.
A Trusted Partner

About Us

The team at Ascent Consulting are Certified Procore ® Consultants.  We work with construction companies that are:

  • Investigating Procore as a potential solution for their company
  • Looking for a partner to work with their team through the implementation process
  • Desiring on-site training and implementation assistance
  • Ready to expand Procore’s use and functionality across their organization
  • Need help integrating Procore into their overall business and project management processes

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of construction software solutions, including Procore ®, and can help you maximize your investment in the shortest amount of time. We also understand that software is just a piece of the puzzle and needs to be integrated with your processes, procedures, and people. We work virtually or in-person with our clients based on their needs and preferences.

In addition to Procore consulting, we offer the following related services:

Like many of our clients, we are all being impacted by COVID-19. Luckily, we have been working remotely and virtually with our clients for years. Although we love to be on-site and work hands-on, we’re skilled at working with our clients remotely, allowing us to help when they need us most.

Have questions? Let us know how we can help support you and your business.