Operational Design

Construction companies that have grown organically often become more disorganized as people are added. With more projects and clients, staff are often added to handle the increased workload, but the company often doesn’t take time to ensure that new employees understand all of the responsibilities of their role, or how tasks are supposed to be accomplished.  Many times, they are left to ‘work it out on their own’ or wind up doing things the way they did them for a previous employer. This can lead to inefficiency, confusion and even lost profits

As experienced construction management consultants, we have developed a systematic and comprehensive approach that begins by identifying inefficiencies that exist within our clients’ organizations. We then help clients define the roles & responsibilities in their organization and align these with optimized business processes to create a complete system to operate their business.

In order to operate successfully and profitably, the best companies find ways to standardize, systemize, and automate as many processes as possible.

Profitability is directly related to repeatability: getting everyone in the organization operating the same way. When everyone is aligned and operating in unison, then it becomes easier to add people (superintendents, project managers, estimators, accountants, administrators) and achieve consistent and repeatable results. By getting everyone aligned and operating from the same model of processes and systems, the business becomes more efficient and easier for owners to manage.

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Zachary Hickman

Project Coordinator

Zachary brings 10+ years of project management experience as an owners representative for clients and from the developer side of the business.

He began his career as an assistant project manager with a masonry subcontractor in Florida, before moving to Atlanta.

Daphene Koch


Daphene’s construction experience began working in her family’s mechanical construction company.

Next, she worked for a large EPC firm on projects in Texas and Malaysia. With over 15 years of construction industry experience on commercial and industrial projects. Her roles have included project manager, safety manager, construction services leader, and pipefitters helper.

While a professor at Purdue University in the School of Construction Management, she worked as a consultant to help construction companies improve processes, project management, workforce development to name a few. She has a BS, MS, and PhD from Purdue University and resides in Indiana.

Hakeem Slaughter

Marketing Coordinator

Hakeem is a brand designer with over 10 years of experience. He has been a freelancer for about 9 years working with many different clients and industries under the following subjects: brand design, graphic design, web design, and social media marketing.


During that time freelancing, he also worked at many companies as a graphic and web designer. As well as taught disciplines of Art and Design to students varying from middle school age to college. As mentioned, he has a “jack of all trades” range but is quite proficient at WordPress and uses that knowledge to design cutting edge websites!


Hakeem specializes in branding, design, and creativity and is bringing his talents, skills, and passion to take Ascent Consulting to a new level!

Aimee Collier

Project Coordinator

Aimee joins Ascent as a Project Coordinator supporting our Senior and Procore Consultants. With construction industry experience both in-field and back-of-house (ranging from project site coordination to contract management to software administration), she brings a holistic perspective of the day-to-day challenges faced by our clients. Her varied professional roles include software implementation and training, technical content creation and design, and coordinating across teams to bring projects to successful completion. She is excited to direct her passion for people and processes toward our customers.