Building Better Construction Companies

Ascent Consulting is the premier provider of business, operations, management, technology, and marketing consulting services for small to mid-size construction companies in North America.

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We are committed to helping our clients Build Better Construction Companies. Unlike other business consulting firms, we only work with construction companies and contractors. As experienced contractors and business owners, we understand how our clients think and operate, which is why they choose us to help solve their most important challenges.

By utilizing our comprehensive industry knowledge, real-world experience and team of dedicated professionals, we create innovative, customized solutions to help our clients get to the next level of performance and success.

We have found that most of our projects fall into two categories: Operations & Performance, or Growth & Expansion. You can explore these areas in detail through the main menu or by clicking below.

Could you benefit from the advice of a construction business expert? In our 30-minute call, you will get recommendations for immediate adjustments that will improve the performance and profitability of YOUR construction company.

A Note From The CEO

"Are you ready to take your business to the next level?"

- Do you wish you knew what the big, national contractors know about running a successful company?
- Do you want your company to be more organized, efficient, and manageable?
- Ready to increase your capacity and grow your pipeline of projects?

We've helped hundreds of construction companies solve their most persistent problems, and we can help you too. If you'd like to talk with a expert about what you want for YOUR business, take action today and schedule a time to talk with us.

We're here to help you reach your goals.

-Adam Cooper


Like many of our clients, we are all being impacted by COVID-19. Luckily, we have been working remotely and virtually with our clients for years. Although we love to be on-site and work hands-on, we’re skilled at working with our clients remotely, allowing us to help when they need us most.

Have questions? Let us know how we can help support you and your business.