Talent Acquisition & Employee Retention

Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition strategies help construction companies to find, hire, and retain the workers they need to maintain and grow their business. Whether it's determining what positions you need to fill or developing a more effective sourcing strategy, putting the right talent plans in place is crucial for every business.

While Ascent is not a recruiting firm, we assist our clients by designing recruiting and evaluation programs, helping them to find and hire top talent.

Based on years of hands-on experience in Construction Management, Operations and Business Ownership, we know what it takes to be successful in the construction industry.  We help our clients find and recruit top talent, and design Onboarding Programs to help ensure their next hire is set up to succeed.

Employee Retention & Incentive Programs

Employees are the lifeblood of every construction company.  No matter the size of the company, each individual serves a purpose, and their performance either helps or hinders the organization – there is no middle-ground. With that in mind, realize that the goal of every business owner should be:

Employee retention is a critical issue as contractors compete for talent. The costs of employee turnover are increasingly high — as much as 2.5x an employee’s salary depending on the role. And there are other soft costs, including lowered productivity, decreased engagement, training costs and cultural impact. By focusing on employee retention, construction companies can retain talented and motivated employees who are focused on contributing to the company’s overall success.

While money is not the only motivator, it is typically the ‘biggest’ motivator and the easiest for employees to recognize. As a business owner, you have the ability to set up a compensation and incentive program that motivates your employees to make positive contributions to your company by encouraging behaviors that lead to profitability, efficiency and success.

Ascent is well-versed in designing Employee Retention and Incentive programs specifically for construction companies to motivate and reward their key employees.  A well-designed program typically makes the company money as it rewards them for their talents and keeps them motivated to perform at a high level, day in and day out.

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