Success Story


CLIENT: P. Marshall & Associates (PM&A) Engineering & Construction Management

OWNER: Greg Hazelhurst

ANNUAL SALES: $2-3 Million

LOCATION: Atlanta, Ga




Founded in 2006, PM&A is a privately held, multi-discipline engineering firm. Whether it’s designing the foundation and structure of a cell phone tower, or the plumbing and lighting of an office building, PM&A excels in designing what you see and what you don’t. As a national provider of engineering, technical and consulting services in the construction industry, PM&A works for architectural and construction firms, developers, telecommunications companies and educational institutions of all sizes. The company has offices in Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas and Houston.


In getting to know PM&A, Ascent learned that the company is constantly striving to improve the way it presents itself to clients and its own employees. The problem lay primarily in their marketing materials, which did not reflect the excellence of the engineering and construction services they provided.

Greg Hazlehurst, Chief Evangelist for PM&A, explained that the company had a combination of sales sheets and brochures that were created in-house. The material was overly wordy and had a cookie-cutter feel. For example, the front page of every sales sheet looked exactly the same.


Like PM&A needed materials that were customized to each service they provided, as well as to every client and for all of their offices. For example, PM&A works with engineers from utility providers such as Sprint and Verizon. In addition, they frequently meet with general contractors and talk to property developers and building managers.They needed content and pieces that would be readable and resonate with these groups as well as their four offices. The look and style were first, and the wording and images had to make sense to an engineer, a building owner and a contractor – quite the challenge! 


The Ascent team spent hours examining, revising and optimizing content on the brochures and sales sheets, including layouts, images and fonts. Ascent wrote most of the content and spoke frequently with Greg Hazlehurst to nail down the copy.

The whole project took several months longer than anticipated. One reason was the time spent sifting through PM&A’s file of 3,000+ photographs. In addition to copy and photos, Ascent also produced marketing banners for trade shows.

In redesigning all the company’s sale sheets, Ascent initially went through a number of design concepts before selecting one that everyone agreed upon. Color was a key element with PM&A, particularly the electric green that had been used before and was a favorite.


During the many hours spent with PM&A, Ascent learned that the Greg Hazlehurst was very particular about the images he wanted to use in the marketing materials. As a result, there was plenty of good-humored back-and-forth between Ascent and Greg.

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Ascent did an amazing job in getting to know and understand the PM&A culture. For months they worked closely with us, and were extremely responsive to our needs and flexible when situations changed. The work they did for our company has made a significant difference in how we present to clients.


At the conclusion of its work with PM&A, Ascent had made significant enhancements to this client’s image, with the redesign of eight full color, 2-sided sales sheets, including impactful photos coupled with content that explained PM&A’s capabilities and performance in every area. Each of the sales sheets has a distinctive front side and are tailored to eight different categories:

  • General Overview
  • Structural Engineering – Telecom
  • Real Estate Services
  • OSP Services
  • MEP Engineering
  • Climbing Services
  • Small Cell
  • Traditional Structural

Aimee Collier

Project Coordinator

Aimee joins Ascent as a Project Coordinator supporting our Senior and Procore Consultants. With construction industry experience both in-field and back-of-house (ranging from project site coordination to contract management to software administration), she brings a holistic perspective of the day-to-day challenges faced by our clients. Her varied professional roles include software implementation and training, technical content creation and design, and coordinating across teams to bring projects to successful completion. She is excited to direct her passion for people and processes toward our customers.