Our Story, Purpose & Values

Our Story

Ascent was founded by Adam Cooper in 2014 with the idea of helping local electrical contractors be more successful. Based in Atlanta, Adam had been working for over 20 years in the commercial and industrial construction world and saw a gap in the marketplace.  While there are plenty of general business consultants, most do not have direct knowledge or experience in the Construction industry and therefore don’t understand or know how to solve the challenges many of these businesses face every day. As an experienced business owner and successful contractor, he believed he could provide the answers they were looking for by starting a construction consulting firm. Ascent Consulting was born.

After just a few short months, his client list came to include plumbing, fire alarm and general contractors who were also seeking help with their business.  Ascent Consulting was on its way and Adam began hiring people to assist him with his clients.

In 2016, Ascent was awarded our first project outside of Georgia and began working with clients in multiple states.  We were also awarded our first marketing projects, helping local contractors grow their business revenue through strategic marketing campaigns. By 2017 we had worked with clients in seven states and reached the West Coast with our first client in California.

By 2019, the majority of our clients were located outside of Georgia and Ascent became one of the top construction management consulting firms in the US.  Currently, no other firm offers the expertise, depth and variety of consulting services specifically for small to mid-size construction companies.

Our Purpose

Ascent Consulting’s purpose is to improve the performance and profitability of every client’s business. By utilizing our comprehensive industry knowledge, real-world experience and team of dedicated professionals, we create innovative, customized solutions to help our clients get to the next level of success.

Our Core Values

Client Satisfaction

Serving our clients is our highest priority. Everything we do serves this purpose directly or indirectly. We respect our clients, take the time to understand their strategic goals and ensure our work delivers impactful results. We provide unbiased advice, guidance and solutions. Each satisfied client is a milestone for Ascent Consulting.

Employee Satisfaction

We help our employees realize their strengths and desires, acknowledge them for their contributions, support them in delivering outstanding value for our clients, and provide authentic and timely feedback.


We do what we say we’ll do. We honor our commitments to our clients and our team members. We communicate openly and authentically, and encourage our employees to adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in everything they do.

Community Participation

We involve ourselves in our industry as active members and contribute to our community. We provide valuable, free content and information, and believe that our current participation is a reflection of our long-term relationship with our community.

Could you benefit from the advice of a construction business expert? In our 30-minute call, you will get recommendations for immediate adjustments that will improve the performance and profitability of YOUR construction company.

Aimee Collier

Project Coordinator

Aimee joins Ascent as a Project Coordinator supporting our Senior and Procore Consultants. With construction industry experience both in-field and back-of-house (ranging from project site coordination to contract management to software administration), she brings a holistic perspective of the day-to-day challenges faced by our clients. Her varied professional roles include software implementation and training, technical content creation and design, and coordinating across teams to bring projects to successful completion. She is excited to direct her passion for people and processes toward our customers.