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Are you a Procore user that feels like you’re not getting full value for your investment?

Wish your team was using more of Procore’s features, but they don’t know how?

Thinking about connecting it to your accounting system, but not sure how that will work? 

Procore is an all-in-one construction project management software solution that connects applications, devices, and users on one central platform. Real-time data and insights provide comprehensive visibility into all aspects of a project, minimizing risk, and facilitating accurate projections.  

Construction companies can use Procore to manage all phases and aspects of projects, from pre-development and bidding, through all phases of construction and project completion. With a variety of modules and capabilities, it can be scaled to fit almost every construction company’s needs.

Many companies that have implemented Procore say that it’s saved hundreds of hours and improved efficiency so drastically that it pays for itself several times over each year.

Ascent Consulting has a team of Certified Procore Consultants.  We work with construction companies that are:

  • Investigating Procore as a potential solution for their company
  • Looking for a partner to work with their team through the implementation process
  • Desire on-site training and implementation assistance
  • Ready to expand Procore’s use and functionality across their organization
  • Need help integrating Procore into their overall business and project management processes
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Could you benefit from the advice of a Procore expert? In our 30-minute call, you will get recommendations for immediate adjustments that will improve the performance and usability of your Procore system, or discuss how Procore may benefit your organization.

How we help with Procore


We have extensive experience helping our clients evaluate Procore as a potential solution for their business, and maximizing their investment in the shortest amount of time. We also understand that software is just a piece of the puzzle and needs to be integrated with your processes, procedures, and people for maximum benefit. 

In addition to Procore consulting, we offer the following related services: