What We Do

Ascent Consulting is one of the top construction management consulting firms in North America. Unlike other business consulting firms, we only work with construction companies and contractors. As experienced contractors and business owners, we understand how our clients think and operate, which is why they choose us to help solve their most important challenges.

We have found that most of our projects fall into two categories:

 Operations & Performance, or Growth & Expansion.

Operations & Performance

Construction companies that have grown organically often become more disorganized as people are added. The solution is to develop processes, procedures, systems, and policies that enable to company to scale successfully.

Growth & Expansion

Construction companies that have grown organically often reach revenue plateaus. To increase revenue, they often employ Strategic Business Development tactics and design Marketing Campaigns to meet their new goals.

Procore ®

Our team consists of Certified Procore Specialists who provide third-party Procore services to ensure that your construction company is set up for success.

Fractional Services

Give your company the opportunity to leverage the expertise of an experienced executive without incurring the costs or overhead associated with a full-time employee.