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“We’ve helped many construction companies improve their performance and profitability, and have developed a proprietary Comprehensive Operational Assessment based on our first-hand experience working with growing Construction Companies.”

Construction Is A
Complicated Business

Trying to figure it out on your own can be a slow and stressful process.
If you want to see results faster, there is another way.

Wish you had someone who understands your business and industry and can help you SOLVE these problems?

“The team at Ascent Consulting took the time to understand our business and design customized solutions that have truly made a difference for our organization. I now have the tools I need to make educated and informed decisions at the project and corporate level.”

Our expert construction business consultants have helped dozens of construction companies to improve performance and profits. We’ve developed a proprietary Comprehensive Operational Assessment based on our first-hand experience working with growing Construction Companies.

In the Operational Assessment, we’ll work through a structured discovery project where together, we’ll uncover what’s working well, what your organization struggles with, and what may be needed to grow, improve and scale in the future. After the discovery process, we’ll author a detailed report with our operations gap analysis and solutions roadmap, including projections for Return On Investment (ROI) and ease of execution.
Our clients tell us they’ve found the Assessment to be extremely valuable because it details what’s needed to upgrade, improve, implement, and install to ensure that your operations infrastructure can support your goals. The entire project is designed to provide a clear and actionable plan to ensure that your operations infrastructure is able to SCALE ahead of and support the growth of your business.
Our Comprehensive Operational Assessment will provide real insight into the inner workings of your company from a Construction Business Expert’s perspective. 

“The team at Ascent Consulting is experienced, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with. They communicate efficiently and effectively and offer solutions that are tailored to your organization’s needs. I would highly recommend them to any business owner looking for ways to improve their company’s performance and profitability.”

We charge a fixed fee for this service, based on the size of your company.
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Starting At
We will apply this fee as a credit towards the execution of future projects (within 1 year).

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Like many of our clients, we are all being impacted by COVID-19. Luckily, we have been working remotely and virtually with our clients for years. Although we love to be on-site and work hands-on, we’re skilled at working with our clients remotely, allowing us to help when they need us most.

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